We don know if she rolled off or crawled. The height of the bed is only 8 inches from the floor. Our daughter is able to jump onto the bed so rolling off isn that big of a deal. Warning that China had the option to intervene the paper said: Hong Kong cannot restore the rule of law on its own and the riots intensify, it imperative then for the central government to take direct actions based on the Basic Law. To slap down Mr Trump attempt to link the protests to the US China trade war, it added: US would rather mess Hong Kong up, using Hong Kong as a new bargaining chip in its strategic competition with China. The editorial, headed for Washington to play the HK card the newspaper added that the troops amassing in the city of Shenzhen, on the Hong Kong border, was a warning said the situation would not be a repeat of the bloody crackdown in Tiananmen Square but warned: is much stronger and more mature (than it was 30 years ago), and its ability to manage complex situations has been greatly enhanced.

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